Our Barn's Mascot "Mr. Whipple"
Hello, thank you so much for stopping by!  I am on a mission to help save our 100+ year old barn.  I live here in Missouri in an early log home that began its humble beginnings as a barn itself. Within feet of our old home sits our big old two story 100+ year old barn, sadly our old barn has been slowly sinking over the years and has sunk to such extremes that one cannot walk through the structure in an upright position.  Its current condition has rendered the structure both unsafe and unusable.  And as you know, our nation's old barns are disappearing at an alarming rate and once they are gone, they are gone for good.

With the above being said, this has prompted me to start a, "Give A Dollar - Save A Barn" campaign.  This has started on the premise that if I could get enough people who care about old barns as much as I do to donate just one dollar that maybe there could be the possibility of saving this old structure.  Of course, I will need 25,000 of you at the rate of one dollar per person to make this possible.  We have found a reputable company, Louvier Construction, of St. Charles, Missouri to do the lifting and reconstructing of our old barn but we need the funds to do this and that is where this page and you come in.

Below are photos of our old barn and the damages it has suffered due to the ravages of time.  You will see the broken beams, bowed roof and other damage caused by the structure slowly sinking we well as photos highlighting the beauty that can only be found in a barn of this age.  I have also provided a copy of the actual bid and the amount needed to complete the task.  I just know that there are plenty of you out there who love old barns and that care enough to see this barn saved.

As you can see, I am very passionate regarding this issue.  I just can't sit idly by and watch another rural American icon become another sad statistic.  So please join me on this journey, will you?  If you wish to donate, donations can be made with a personal check or money order made payable to:
Save Our Barn Campaign
27390 Courtney Place Ct.
Warrenton, Missouri 63383

Or online via indiegogo at:

Or via Paypal using email address: bjtj@centurytel..net

Both are located on this page's sidebar for your convenience.

Donor's names and state will be printed into book form and attached to the barn's upstairs loft wall inside a protective case for future generations to see.  They will know that the only reason they are standing inside this old barn is because so many decided it was worthy of saving centuries ago.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Peace & Blessings.
Meet Our Barn.

As you enter you'll see someone's initials inscribed from long ago.

Views of the damage from sinking over the years.

Upstairs loft floor heaved from sinking over the years.

View of Barn's back Northeast side separation.

View of Barn's roof where post has bowed the roof from sinking.

My garden's harvest baskets ready for duty under our Barn's Lean-to.

Various views under the Lean-to.

Please help save her.